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Happy New Year! Happiness and success in 2011.


I liked your site, you are very interesting to write. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Last Christmas I made the drive from my home in rural South Central Kentucky to my parents' home up north. It was December 23rd and a horrible ice storm struck at the Ohio/Kentucky Border. I was literally several miles from home and I had to make reservations from my cell phone for the nearest hotel, after spending 6 hours stuck between highway exits due to an accident on the narrowed one-lane highway (due to road construction). Not having internet access on my phone, I used the phone numbers listed in my navigation system to call the nearest hotel.

I arrived at the scariest, ugliest hotel in the state, but I have never been so happy to have a warm, dry place to sleep!


My most eventful holiday road trip began December 26, 2006. We drove from our home in North Platte, 4 hrs east to Omaha where we were to catch a flight to Burbank, CA the next day. To be truthful, the action started on Christmas Eve when I had both ears hurting. I knew I had an ear infection, but all of the doctor offices were closed. I suffered through and made it to the doctor on the 26th, barely in time to get out of town at a decent hour. So anyway, the drive down was fine. The next day we get up, head to the airport and board the plane. This was the first time I had ever flown. Yeah. Sick as a dog! Turns out, I’m not a great flyer! We had a layover in Las Vegas and as soon as we get into the airport, I lost my balance and fell on my hands and knees. Then, I got up and made it (in record time) to the restroom…which I got to know real well. Everyone in our party wanted to eat…that was just about the last thing I wanted to do and my husband coaxed me into eating. Then, on to Burbank. As it turns out, the Santa Ana winds were vicious, we had an extremely rough flight…and I cried the entire time. It was horrible. We did finally make it to Burbank, and on to our destination of Disneyland…and the entire trip I had motion-sickness. Car, plane, bus. Uggghh. It sucked.

It wasn’t until we got home that I realized why I was so sick...I was pregnant. After suffering from infertility for 6 years, we were finally adding another little one to our family. While being sick like that was bad…it ended up being a blessing. My daughter Paige is now a 2 year old who lights up my life!

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kathleen poling

Think they'll let you out to pee if you're stuck in the holiday traffic line at the US Canada border for hours and hours? Think again. And then plan your pregnancies accordingly.




I have a crazy road trip story! My friend had just found out that his father was getting married the next day to a woman he had met a few weeks ago online (but never in person!). The first time the couple would see each other was at their wedding! My friend wanted desperately to try to get to his father and talk him out of what he thought was a bad idea so we drove all night to try to "stop the wedding", like they do in movies! Our trip was ridiculous, exhilarating, but serious at the same time. We got there too late though! (The woman later ran off with all of the husband's money and it wasn't her first time doing this to someone!) It was crazy!


We had a fun road trip to San Antonio Sea World last Independence Day. It was my baby's first long trip in a car, but to my delight, he didn't give me any hard time at all. At my husband's request, I started telling stories to keep him awake while driving. Funnily but not surprisingly, my baby fell fast asleep while hearing my stories:P


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I remember that once my extended family went with us to kings dominion. There were children in the care and we stopped almost every 10 minutes because they had to pee. we were so annoyed. [email protected]


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Most memorable and funny road trip was when my cat Wookiee was a kitten. He was about 3 weeks old and still being bottle fed, so we had to take him to FL when we went on vacation from WV. We stopped at rest stops to feed him and people would just surround the car and watch and ask questions. He was just a brown ball of fluff and some people did not know what he was. Their reactions were SO funny!




LOL funniest memory would be my honeymoon...we were at a waterpark and my wife lost her lost it...gone...she had to run out of the pool and wrap a towel around her and go to one of the park's shops to get a new top!!! LOL


I just remembered one year where my brother decided to cross the DMZ of the middle line in the back seat, and sprawl out to sleep.

I complained, I whined, I moaned, FINALLY drove my mother crazy enough to turn around and she saw I was wedged into a tiny corned of the seat, with my big brother (8 years my senior)'s legs and feet clear over on my side of the car, up against my door.

I still laugh at his reaction when he woke up to being hit by my mother's magazine. HA! ;)






The funniest thing I can think of that ever happened traveling during the holidays is the time my dad decided to move us 600 miles from PA to Virginia. We had an early Christmas at Grandma's & left Christmas Eve day. Crammed into this vehicle with boxes of stuff(and a rocking chair tied to the top, can you say Beverly Hillbillies?) was 6 people, including a newborn and a chihuahua puppy.
The truly hilarious part was the startled looks on the faces of the holiday travelers when they saw 3 little faces peering at them from the back windows of an AMBULANCE on the interstate on Christmas Eve.

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My most memorable holiday road trip was a trip back to college after Christmas break. My mother decided she didn’t want me making the 7 hour trip alone, so she would drive with me and fly back home. It sounded like a good idea at the time. Unfortunately my mom came down with food poisoning about 2 hours into the trip, and I had to drive the entire rest of the way, stopping every 30 minutes so she could vomit or use the bathroom. It took forever, and she was miserable. It has been over 20 years and we still joke about that nightmare road trip. After that she always let me drive by myself, and never offered to come “help” again.


For me, it was on a business trip I took that took me and my coworkers to Las Vegas. I'd just bought some new luggage, and I picked it out in a light purple color so that it'd be easily distinguishable from the mass of black luggages on the carousel. We were standing in line at the luggage carousel and I was keeping a watchful eye out for my purple suitcase. Some of my coworkers were making fun of me because it was so bright that they asked how could I possibly miss it? About that time, I saw it pop over the carousel at the other end. Relief! But I didn't see it come around the bend. I kept looking, waiting, watching. No sign. I decided to go toward the other end and as I walked down that way, I saw my luggage being pulled a little girl! Evidently she had the exact same suitcase as me (in the light purple shade!) and thought this was hers. Thankfully I caught up with her and her chaperon to correct the discrepancy but could you imagine--being stuck with a 10 year old's suitcase of clothes?!

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