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Tracy Robertson

My perfect match is my Mom


Beautiful story! My match is my sister, we're 6 years apart but we're the best of friends. We cry together, laugh together, finish eachothers sentences. She's the best! :)


my sons and i are the perfect family, we love each other so much and they love each other and are good to each other, thats not usually in boys.


My bf and I make perfect "scents". I'm more quiet and an "observer" and he's outgoing and gregarious.
Together we have so much fun!

Jeanette Huston

I and my husband compliment each other. We are opposites but we make a really good team together. We both love our kids like crazy. It is almost like we are one unity. It is nice having someone that close.

Shawna OBrien

My youngest son and I. We make perfect sense with each other. My youngest son was born with a very rare brain disorder, but despite his challenges, he is like me in so many ways. Even just his littlest mannerisms that he does, I look at him and say "my goodness the only person I know who does that is me." We are so incredibly close and have so much fun together and I've taught him so many skills. Lately he has made a big jump in a wide range of areas. I feel like no one will ever love and appreciate him the way I do - even though my husband and family love the heck out of him. I know that God gave him to me because I needed him. He is my life and I mean that in the best possible way.

Account Deleted

My "perfect scents" relationship is with my partner because he's always here with me and always there for me. He is consistently caring, kind, and thoughtful in every way -- ever ready to help and lend a hand with whatever needs to be done. He's been by my side through menopause and surgery -- sickness and in health. We have our moments, but I couldn't ask for a better support system. He's my best friend, my soul mate, the yin for my yang! *Thanks* for the giveaway!


I make close to perfect sense with my best friend from high school… at least, currently. We can talk about anything and have been friends for years! :)
roseinthemorning [at] gmail [dot] com

jennifer bortman

my perfect match is the man i love my fiance david, he would do anything for me, and i would do the same. we tell each other everything well almost everything. he's not just the man i love he;s also my best friend

Marla Davis


One thing I think is a perfect scent pair is this fabric softener along with line hung laundry. The scent of Gain detergent and fabric softener is wonderful and when I pair that with hanging out my bedding in the fresh air, it is the best pairing of scents I've ever smelled---outdoor fresh scent along with the best scent of laundry products today-Gain! Thanks for the chance of this sweeps! :)

Amanda D

It's hard to find physical proof. It's mainly an intangible thing, but felt deeply in the heart. My guy gets me. I don't have to explain myself. He's seen the good and bad and accepts and loves me as I am and that's such a joy to know, so warm and comforting. And that knowledge alone makes me better.

Thank you!


My relationship with my sister is like a sibling but also like a best friend. She always has the wise advice I seem to be unable to come up with myself. She has a shoulder to cry on and is someone to laugh with. I feel fortunate to call her sister and friend.

Emily N

My best friends makes me laugh and helps me to not take life so seriously sometimes.


My husband is definitely an extrovert and makes friends more easily than anyone else I know. I am naturally very shy, but since our marriage he has brought me out of much of my shyness. I missed a lot in high school by being overly shy, but the change he has wrought in me makes my life much better. It, indeed, makes "scents."


My perfect scents person is my husband too! He and I are just different enough to keep things interested but same enough to be on the same page about the important stuff. He knows me better than anyone (and still loves me!). I'm so blesssed to have him in my life!

Vicki Y

My relationship with my best friend makes perfect "sents". She's almost my complete opposite, but we work well that way. She's completely honest with me and frank and I'm the good karma and have an ear to listen when she needs me. We bicker, we hug, we're always there for each other when it matters most. :)


My perfect match is my dog.. he walks with me, makes me stop to relax and smell, and cuddles me when i get up too early!


My perfect scents relationship is with my hubby. He wasn't exactly the guy I thought I'd end up with. I was the bookworm and he was the all-star athlete, who woulda thunk it. :-) He gets me and makes me a better person.


My relationship with my married daughter makes perfect scents.She makes sure I"m doing the sensible things in my life that I share with her.


My mother makes me better by teaching me patience.


My perfect match is my boyfriend and best friend. He is always calm and rational, and likes to stay home. I tend to be loud and occasionally irrational and like to be the life of the party. So he calms me down, makes me more focused, and I bring him out of his shell.


my perfect match is my husband who balances me out.


My perfect scents is my best friend. We have been through the best and the worst together and we are still close after all that we have been through. She keeps me grounded and is there for me always.

shopgurl101 at gmail dot com


My SO is my perfect other half. He shows me I can (and deserve to) be loved. We're complete opposites, but that's a good thing. Where I lack, he makes up, and vise versa.


I'll echo the husband thing. He keeps me grounded.

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